Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Murder ?

Reported by Associated Press.

TWIN FALLS, Idaho – The father of an 11-year-old girl who died, likely of hypothermia, after trying to walk 10 miles in the snow on Christmas Day has been charged with second-degree murder and felony injury to a child.
Robert Aragon, 55, of Jerome, made an initial appearance Monday in 5th District Court, where Judge Mark Ingram appointed a public defender for him. The judge denied Aragon's request to lower his $500,000 bond. He was being held in the Blaine County Jail.
Aragon was emotional during the short hearing. He banged his head on the defendant's table as Ingram read the charges against him, The Times-News reported. After Ingram noted that second-degree murder carries a maximum penalty of life in prison, Aragon said "Oh my God" as he banged his head on the table one final time.
Sage Aragon and her 12-year-old brother, Bear, were with their father on Thursday when his truck got stuck in a snow drift near state Highway 75, north of Shoshone in southcentral Idaho, according to the Lincoln County sheriff's office.
The children live with Aragon in Jerome and he was taking them to visit their mother, JoLeta Jenks, in West Magic.
After the truck got caught in the snow, authorities allege Aragon let the children out to walk to their mother's house while he and another adult stayed behind to free the vehicle.
Jenks said she called Aragon because she was concerned after no one arrived at her home on Thursday. Aragon had driven back to Jerome after letting the kids out to walk to her house, Jenks said.
"They didn't even call me, telling me they were walking," she told the Times-News.
Jenks called the police and a Blaine County search and rescue team found the boy at a rest area near the highway shortly before 10 p.m. on Thursday night.
Adults in the search effort described the snow as knee-deep for them.
The boy was found wearing only long underwear, Blaine County Sheriff Walt Femling said in a news release. Apparently delusional from hypothermia, the child had discarded his jacket, pants and shoes, the sheriff's office said. He was treated and released at a nearby hospital.
The rest area was about 4.5 miles from where the children started walking.
At some point the children separated and their mother said her son told her they disagreed about whether to keep going or turn back.
"(Bear) kept on telling her: 'Let's go, Sage, let's go, Sage,'" Jenks said, recalling what her son told her. "She said, 'No, I'm going back.'"
The little girl was found about 2.7 miles from where the two set out, barely visible under windblown, drifting snow when search dogs located her along a local road about 2 a.m. Friday. She was wearing a brown down coat, black shirt, pink pajama pants and tan snowboots, the sheriff's office statement said.
"I thought she was alive because they said they found her," Jenks said. "I was excited."
The girl was pronounced dead at a Ketchum hospital; preliminary autopsy results indicate she died of hypothermia.
Officials say temperatures in the area at the time the girl was missing ranged from 27 degrees above zero to minus 5.
Jenks and Aragon are not married. While she said she doesn't understand the decision Aragon is accused of making in letting the children walk to her house, Jenks added, "I don't need to sit and yell. I know he's going through hell right now."

They are charging this man with murder. Not just did his entire life got ripped from underneath him, losing a child like this - something he will have to live with for the rest of his life. And the so called "law enforcement" has nothing better to do then charge this destitute man who probably can't even think straight, not to mention making legal decisions, with MURDER in the second degree, potentially locking him up for life. OJ walked free of murder charges, dozens of homicides go unresolved, jails are packed to the brim with non-violent offenders and here the Attorney's office decided to charge someone like this with murder two. Perhaps they know something we don't, because if not - I really don't get it ...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Rockland Arrest brouhaha and the painful subject of self governance

By now everybody heard the story of a Jewish woman from Monsey who was arrested during the sweep on welfare fraud in the Rockland county, and who was mistreated during booking by the Ramapo PD officer - they forced her to remove her wig and she was forcefully fingerprinted by a male officer; the first part being excruciatingly humiliating (especially given the fact that she probably shaves her head), and the second one is a major no-no both halachically (some but not me would argue yeherog ve'al yaavor) and socially, since any cross-gender body contact with strangers is a big taboo and under the circumstances probably caused a severe psychological trauma. Christopher St. Lawrence proceeded to apologize to the community and promised to look into the actions of the PD; the apology itself cause an outroar about the usual "special treatment" for "those people", the selfless professionalism of Ramapo police and how "they" bought everything and St. Lawrence is just a puppet.

Some in the blogosphere jumped on the subject and predictably tried and convicted her on all charges. The usual lectures about how rampantly corrupt "they" are and how dare "they" steal and more so , to the extent where "they" should be licking the ground of the goldene medine and be following every comma and apostrophe of every code of law ever written by man.

What was left completely unattended, both in the media and by the bloggers, are the relevant facts. First of all, some minimum wage journalist upgraded her charges to "welfare fraud in the 1-st degree" and others, not bothering to verify, propagated the word. 1st degree fraud, of course, had to exceed $1 million. This made an excellent cover story for anyone willing to bring an example of "them" bilking the system out of millions. Not to mention all those self-conscious moralizers preaching about how all criminals are criminals and should be shot on the spot or something to that tune. And the usual juicy stories about "them" picking up dope/hookers/weapons/you name it.

In reality, of course, this 24 year old woman was arrested along with her husband (9 years older then her) probably for having her signature on some forms they submitted to get Medicaid or welfare or who knows what. The amount involved ? USD $8,485.79. Staggering. Do you or the people convicting her even know what constitutes welfare fraud ? I strongly doubt that. Because the fact is that pretty much anybody applying for welfare probably can be charged with fraud, for the pettiest things on their application. Just like most homeowners can be convicted for mortgage fraud, as for past 10 years it was next to impossible to get a mortgage without fudging the numbers somewhat. This couple just got in the way and got railroaded. Out of 43 arrested, only three couples are identifiably frum and all three are charged with welfare fraud in rather modest amounts, all under $12,000. For comparison, others on the list allegedly took the State for anything from $100k and less.

So while this woman's crime is rather ephemeral and charges will probably be dismissed or reduced greatly, she and her family did undergo a very real, very harsh and long lasting punishment. She was physically assaulted, harassed, publicly humiliated and slandered for life with allegations of a crime she or her husband never committed and were never charged with - allegations that will remain with her forever, thank Google.

Was this cop doing his job ? I am sure he was. They always do. Even Eppolito and Caracappa were doing their jobs, and were excellent police officers. That's the idea actually - members of the law enforcement can do with you pretty much as they please, and if they are experienced enough they can get away with almost anything. They live in the system, have a vested interest in it and know every hook and nook of it, including every possible way of going after someone they simply don't like. It is unfortunate, but such is the way of it. I guess it's the lesser evil, and I'm sure that most of the time most of the cops are doing great things for which they should be very respected. But when they don't - it takes a real uproar to get anything looked at.

The keywords here are the same as elsewhere in this country : Selective Enforcement.

But getting back to the subject, consider how all these people, many of whom pretend to be observant Jews, treated this. They showed more eagerness to convict and stomp into earth, more vigor in accepting and embellishing every negativity there was then a police department and all the prosecutors combined. What follows is the old, often repeated, yet very hard to accept, truth : the last person you want to be judged by is such a yidele. You have more chances at getting justice with Al Sharpton and Muhammed Ali amongst your jurors, than you do with a panel of 12 mentchelech with shiny leather yarmulkes. Most convictors-in-absentia identify themselves as "MO", for what it's worth. And nobody ever, ever even considers anything remotely resembling "limud zechus". It probably is the most downtrodden mitzva ever ...

What follows is that other, farther away and more abstract, truth : given the current mindsets of American Judentum - all of them - the worst possible nightmare would be letting them anywhere near self-governance, under almost any circumstances. If that was to happen, the place would look like a cross between Buzescu, New Utrecht on a Sunday night and Pyongyang. "Developers" would fill every square inch with carton anthill housing, homeowners would "improve" their homes with five floors of recycled cement accented with faux-Louis XVII furniture and Thermador bidets; and "Chassidish With It" shomrim along with modern orthodox attorneys would form Mobile Justice Squadrons (a/k/a troykas) to go around, arrest and convict every breathing being for tax fraud. Evidence - they breathe, and that requires some ...

Bear that in mind next time you pick a jury ...

Monday, June 2, 2008

Abwehr Mole in the US Command

This piece of sh!t never saw the frontlines or the inside of a tank. He wormed his way up the ranks of the US Army, and was right there to reap the victorial laures. His soldiers hated his pompousness and high pitches whine. And he paid them back with vicious hatred, disregard for privates' concern and outright harassment.

Select accounts from his biographers and his own speeches betray the man's inner animal and his utmost sympathies with the Nazional Socialism ideology and the very people he pretended to fight.

"According to witnesses, General Patton was visiting patients at a military hospital in Sicily, and came upon a 24-year old soldier who was weeping. Patton asked "What's the matter with you?" and the soldier replied, "It's my nerves, I guess. I can't stand shelling." Patton "thereupon burst into a rage" and "employing much profanity, he called the soldier a 'coward'" and ordered him back to the front. As a crowd gathered, including the hospital's commanding officer, the doctor who had admitted the soldier, and a nurse, Patton then "struck the youth in the rear of the head with the back of his hand". Reportedly, the nurse "made a dive toward Patton, but was pulled back by a doctor" and the commander intervened. Patton went to other patients, then returned and berated the soldier again."

"This happened to be the feast of Yom Kippur, so they were all collected in a large, wooden building, which they called a synagogue. It behooved General Eisenhower to make a speech to them. We entered the synagogue, which was packed with the greatest stinking bunch of humanity I have ever seen. When we got about halfway up, the head rabbi, who was dressed in a fur hat similar to that worn by Henry VIII of England and in a surplice heavily embroidered and very filthy, came down and met the General . . . The smell was so terrible that I almost fainted and actually about three hours later lost my lunch as the result of remembering it"

"[others may believe]... that the Displaced Person is a human being, which he is not, and this applies particularly to the Jews, who are lower than animals"

"The difficulty in understanding the Russian is that we do not take cognizance of the fact that he is not a European, but an Asiatic, and therefore thinks deviously. We can no more understand a Russian than a Chinese or a Japanese, and from what I have seen of them, I have no particular desire to understand them except to ascertain how much lead or iron it takes to kill them. In addition to his other amiable characteristics, the Russian has no regard for human life and they are all out sons-of-bitches, barbarians, and chronic drunks"

Doesn't take much assumption to see that wherever and whenever this man was or would've been allowed a shred of discretion, he would act by the narrative of his ideology.

Looking closer at the pattern of his military decisions, which turned out to be some of the more spectacular failures on the record of US Army, there emerges a plausible explanation to all of it.

General Patton was a mole of Abwehr, highest ranking mole ever in the US Defense.

It's also not completely unreasonable to argue that he was liquidated as an Ally counter-intelligence measure - either by "friendly hands", US very own counter-intelligence units, or by MGB. Remember, he died as a result of a freak car accident.

"On December 9, 1945, in Germany a day before he was due to return to the United States, Patton was severely injured in a road accident. He and his chief of staff, Major General Hobart R. "Hap" Gay, were on a daytrip to hunt pheasants in the country outside Mannheim. Their 1939 Cadillac Model 75 was driven by PFC Horace Woodring (1926 - 2003). Patton sat in the back seat, on the right with General Gay on his left, as per custom. At 11:45 near Neckarstadt, (Käfertal), a 2½ ton truck driven by Technical Sergeant Robert L. Thompson hit the car containing the general head on, Thompson appeared out of the haze and made a left-hand turn towards a side road. The Cadillac smashed into the truck. General Patton was thrown forward and his head struck a metal part of the partition between the front and back seats. Gay and Woodring were uninjured. Paralyzed from the neck down, George Patton died of an embolism on December 21, 1945 at the military hospital in Heidelberg, Germany with his wife present."

Back in 1945, it would've been simply an unacceptable embarrassment to have a purple-hearted and silver-starred decorated General of the US Army exposed as a Nazi Germany mole in the US Command. The magnitude of damage from such exposure would've eclipsed Aldridge Ames, Robert Hansen and all the other known moles as mere functionaries.

Someone did him in, and someone did him right.

Abstract of the week

Quoted verbatim from here.

"It is not that we now believe in the tenants of Conservative Judaism per say or that we are even observant to the level of true Conservative Jews who follow a halachic tradition."

The level of pathos is remarkable. All things said, this is an illustration of how a fact of people leaving "the fold" can inherently be a good thing.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

On age of the universe

A rather beaten topic of j blogger controversy, now it's caught attention of the down to Earth crowd who are demanding answers. Disappointment by the meager weight of R' Arye Kaplan's work on the subject and its inconclusiveness, naturally our oyfgekleter yungeleit would like to know : What Gives ?

The simple answer to this is, of course, age old "RTHM". It's all in there, for those following advice of the forefathers ("Разуй глаза, мудило" et cetera).

But really, those who choose to attack yiddishkeit using this as an argument are usually either misinformed, biased or blatantly ignorant. Even if we put aside the fact that it's our Sages and our sources who pioneered many - dozens and dozens - fundamental concepts that the world is just coming to understand via rigorous and scientific means (concepts that were usually discarded by the lesser brains as "stam agaddata") - dealing with curvitude of space-time, the fundamental property of light and importance of its propagation speed, measuring of vast distances with "years" and such - putting all that aside, question that still remains is how do we fit 5768 years sinse creation with the observable physical "reality".

To address this properly one could delve, foremost, into ontological relativity - and from there on using heavy tools like Quine and Tarski - take the question apart. But that would be boring and counterproductive for some intended purposes.

One could also [ab]use lighter, more versatile and more practical instruments. First that comes to mind, of course, is relativity. Just the basics of it, mind you. We could pose a relatively trivial question - assuming that

1. speed of light is more-less constant; and
2. Minkovski did a good job describing our world with three spatial and one temporal coordinate

question is - given that _we_ observe the Age of Universe to be a period of X (13.73 is a consensus figure, I hear) billion years, how does an Observer B have to move and where would Observer B be positioned to have the 5678 year period meaningfully correspond to the X billion years ?

Just by applying basic Lorenz transformation formulas, and by adding a few more assumption, we can start producing mind-shattering results.

For someone right at the Edge of the Universe (as per wikipedia, 4.6e10 light years away from Earth) and moving at the speed equal to about 28.6% of speed of light (very reasonable speed for someone right at the edge) would be celebrating a very real 5768 Rosh haShana right about now, having celebrated first or second one about 13.729 billion years ago in our days.

Someone a lot closer - just one billion years away - could do the same by stepping on the gas pedal, all the way to 80.8% of the speed of light.

There are many, many more ways to slice it; I'm sure that someone who actually knows something about the subject can show real wonders. Call it curve fitting or kiruv, but there are just so many ways to approach the numbers that the real question is where to draw the line. But no informed person, in their right mind and without agenda, would use the "primitiveness" of the age of the universe against Judaism. Nobody, that is, except some of ours.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The spelling problem in our law enforcement

It seems that the New York's Finest could use a crash course in spelling. Just look at what they have to say about the pesky inhabitants of PCTs 66, 71 and such (warning : profanity ahead)

I'm watching the news and had to have a good laugh it seems that a hasid was assaulted and it was deemed a bias crime and the hasids are demanding more police and that the perp be caught right away,the same group of people that assaulted a teenager a few weeks ago and they will not give him up(yes I know the victim of the earlier assault is the son of a MOS)
Due to the latest multitude of black-on-Jew violence in Crown Heights and the growing frustration within the community of the lack of Police intervention, members of the community have staged a march of protest. Three hundred Jewish neighborhood people marched down Empire Blvd. passed the 71st Police Precinct to let their voices be heard. The crowd then proceeded to march to Eastern Parkway and Kingston Avenue where they have blocked the street and closed traffic in both directions. Instead of listening to the communities pleas for protection, the Police are now dispatching a task force to dismantle the march.
Police are now at Eastern Parkway and Kingston Avenue. They have roped off the street and are containing the crowd to that one block with traffic still blocked. A Police negotiation team has been dispatched to the scene to calm the community.
With these fvcking $hitbag hasids..nearly all assaults on them on upgraded...F THem!!! Tired of of the pandering that goes on with that community..Cross bred mothfvkcers with their gene pool so F'd up that all them share DNA..ridiculous.. F them!!
I cant wait to retire and move the F out of NYC. THe Evil J's run the whole damn city
Any other group in NYC and there would be a bunch of collars off of this, not with the Hasidic community, they run the city and get whatever they want...
There were numerous photos of that incident taken by a photographer that day that were all over the news. Some shot inside the S/H. I remember one politician (may have been Dov Hikind..Im not sure..) screaming like a biatch in the street. His wig had been severely adjusted by a nightstick. The look on his face said..."Oy...I cant believe some cop cracked my skull!" He was most definetely looking like a schmuck "wit a schmeer on top."
a hasid is a victim of a 34 and they want the world turned over. but when their buffy wannabe police force beats up a black kid for walking down the street, oy vey, vee didn't see nuttin. i'd rather have diapers thrown off project roofs at me in the 73 than have to work in the 66 or 71.
I want to see a boss (above captain) have the ballzzz to say, "LOCK THEM UP," when a protester disobeys a direct order to stay back or when a protester tries to shove a cop or a sergeant!! I want to see the cells loaded to capacity and listen to their supposed lawyers sit out front and scream about all those supposed civil rights and freedoms of speech!! And I want that same boss to smile to them and then turn his back and walk away from them, ignoring them all!!! I can dream, can't I???
I'm going to keep dreaming because, someday if not this year then in the future, some inspector or chief (as all humans do) will see that final line being crossed. And when he does, or when he comes to his senses, he'll cross his arms, look to his men and women, look back to the crowd, then yell "LOCK THEM ALL UP!" I PRAY TO GOD I LIVE LONG ENOUGH TO SEE THAT DAY!!
If the hasidic community , won't help our detectives in finding the person responsible for the assualt on the MOS's son ,, then we need to put a bug in there ear ,, and watch them scratch their ears like a dirty hounddog with ticks,, They can't violate VTL's... opps did i just run a red light ..! or is this a hydrant
A Big "F" YOU to the Hasidic community
Unreal how this job kisses the fvcking azzes of the Hasidic community. I am tired of seeing us respond to synagogues (sic) with 1 and 10 and HOW autos assigned to patrol the Hasidic areas...yeah turn out 3 cars for the tour and stay in alert the whole night but go have a slew of cops blow smoke up the azz of the Hasids while on fixers.. F you Hasidic idiots! When was the last time a synagogue was burned to the ground to broken into? I cant recall...but my Catholic Church gets the donation box broken into and burglarized but i never see any fixers from the pct sitting on my HOW!!!! Good for the Hasids but not good for Catholics!!! F YOU!!!! Meshiac this and that....I am tired of this!!!! Go bang your sister or cousin and have another F'd up offspring...it would be impossible to find the perp among these clowns as they all look the same... F YOU...go march on Al Sharptons house...
Can you imagine if they ever do make a collar on the assault of the cops son?...How in the hell are you supposed to pick the guilty hasid out of that line up?
That perp is long gone. They never give one of their own up. Remember the grand rebbe's driver who ran a light, killed a kid and stirred up all that shite? You don't? Because he was long gone.
Yes Corruption. If a boss favors one community in order to get promoted, isnt that corruption? Don't Insperctors and chiefs make more than Captains? Of course they do. Years ago, the Bklyn South CO , Robert Johnson, made Chief of Dept thanks to his cowtowing to the Hasids. And with respect to Espo, he did the same in the 66. Chief Fox would sell his soul to please the Hasids. They may OK otherwise, but the were shameful in their dealings with the beards. The one exception, like him or not, was Chief George Brown. He would not back down when they surrounded marhsalls towing cars in Boro Park. He was DUMPED as the CO of PBBS for his stand. That was truly a disgraceful episonde in NYPD history. I always admired him for that. The Bklyn South bosses thought he was nuts. They didnt want anything to stand in the way of their promotion. Its corruption, pure and simple and its only getting worse. So called 'EMT' volunteers are racing all over Bklyn SOuth with red lights and sirens. There have been numerous cases when they have been found to be driving on personal business. I mentioned this to a Bklyn South Insperctor once and he looked at me like I came from Mars.'' And its not just the NYPD. A few yeshivas recently got federal homeland security funding to 'secure' their schools, courtesy of Congressman Weiner. I kid you not.
no doubt this is a bias crime. from doing way too many tours in the 66 and 71, i've realized some of the hasids are the most prejudiced around.
I agree unborn . This young man is the son of one of our brothers . The Bastards now have f*cked with family !
i've delt with these a-holes from time to time and let me tell you as a person of mixed decent that has walked around in their neigborhood after hours its not at all fun...
Im interested to know what the 71 will do in regards to this. I dont wanna hear "attend community meetings" either.
Not only will it not be treated as a hate crime, but I doubt if the perp will ever be arrested. The Hasidics are a privileged class in New York City.
This sounds like the work of La Kosher Nostra.
It can happen. Ive seen these fools do so much crap and get away with it. Thats why many times Id take my time going to their "jobs" and let the so called perp get away. My partner and I would do so much to get back at them.. ah.. the good ol' days.
Best night of my life besides during the Thompkins Square Park Melee was the Crown Heights riots. Just before Mayor Dinkins called for our retreat of the area we had a fine ole time adjusting the attitudes of these bottle throwing hasids. AAAAAAH yes I personally must have bludgeoned 4-7 men in black before the retreat was ordered. I know for a fact I left one poor sap unconscious on the floor. I guess he never threw bottles a cops again. Those were the days.
WTF is a Hasidic anti-crime neighborhood patrol? sounds like vigilanties to me, fugget, lockem all up.
For one Passover is not like Yom Kippur , its not a real religious Holiday. Hell they would lock up an Irishman on St Paddys Day and they would lock Dom up on Columbus Day and all of us could be locked up on Presidents Day . Saturday night after dark when they go trolling for trouble in their neighborhoods and then veer off to the rest areas to spie on couples engaged in activity, lets start pulling them over for everything from no brake lights to suspicion of DUI .
Just like clock work the threats of lawsuits rears its ugly head but in this case the shyster lawyers will get NOTHING and the rabbinical mope will get his justice. Suddenly it will be an interesting summer in Crown Heights. Oye Vey.
"maybe you now know why Adolf hated them."

"the beards look like homeless people because they never shower"

"Having to pick up some Hasidic @#%$'s wig because she has smutz on her hands and putting it back on her so she'll look sexy for her father/lover."

"2 of my favorite interactions with the Little Bastards" (referring to little kids asking questions)

"Well, at least he doesn't have to deal with those whining stinky skells anymore"

"The city only tolerates these animals because they are the biggest whiners"

"with there stupid azz sideburns all happy"


"I hope this MOS sues the f'king beard off of this sh!tbird."

"was in Hezbullah" (Referring to Hatzolah volunteer Ambulance)

"The smelly mafia"

"Even the female beards have the VAS tags on their minivans and go lights and sirens picking up their evil little offspring"

"I think we should be offered like a one day pass of 'bang out the beards' when they do something wrong"

"These horses aszes are a menice too all Brooklynites"

Remember : these are the people who swore to protect you. Full time. For pay.

And this brainiac insists that anti-Semitism doesn't exist, except maybe "in Russia". I guess when there's a baton sticking out of his צד השני, he'll change his mind ...

Saturday, May 10, 2008

May 9th - the V Day

Extensive but biased post here.

In the fifty or so years before the revolution, most representatives of organized religions, rabbonim in particular, showed utmost blindness and insensitivity to the plight of some 90% of your average Jew. Living in relative safety and stability while others starved away, the almost unequivocal support for the "melicha", constant collaboration with Okhranka, denouncing of all and every attempt to change the reality in more evolutionary way - and post-revolutionary antagonism of the new regime and failure to see the magnitude and depth of changes it brough about - all this was a defining factor in the relationship between Jews, Judaism and Communist Russia.

On the physical level, most Jews and certainly Jews as class reaped many benefits from the emancipation, removal of the Pale and subsequent move further east and availability of high education and better jobs, all of which were simply unthinkable under Tzar. Communist regime was responsible for evacuating the good part of surviving Jewry in the 40's and for breaking the back of the Germans.Instead of trying to stay out of politics and trying to get the best possible deal given the situation, the self-appointed leaders chose to antagonise the new regime, thus sealing the fate of spiritual Jewish life in Soviet Russia. That was often done from the safety of Jacob Schiff's funded operations in the States, and under a guise of "Struggle against Communism". This ended up costing many lives and many generations, and no attempt has been done to mitigate.

Today is May 9th, celebrated by many as the Victory Day for the Great Patriotic War. There is no sign of gratitude to the millions of Soviet soldiers, alive or not, whose resilience, dedication and selfnessness broke the back of Nazi Germany and assured survival of the world in general and of Jewish nation in particular. Completely underplayed in the popular Western view, these people played probably the most important role in the history of humanity and have very little to show for it. Many were Jewish. All males in my family fought on the frontlines and have more wounds and medals then I can ever count.

Most surviving veterans aren't homeless or hungry; both the State of Israel and the current rulers of former Soviet Union pay some pensions and throw them a bone here or there. Is it adequate ? How much is enough for those who very literally saved the world and paid for it with a leg, an arm, a lung ?

The sight of revisionism, recognizing Nazist collaborators with blood on their hands, as "freedom fighters" is rampant. Monuments to the fallen Waffen SS, UNA/UNSO, Bandera gangs became tolerable.

The least we can do is listen with respect.

בימים ההם ובעת ההיא נאום ה’ יבוקש את עוון ישראל ואיננו ואת חטאות יהודה ולא תימצאינה כי אסלח לאשר אשאיר